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Use the Text to PDF Converter Online by SEO Tools Centre to easily convert a text file into a PDF document for free.

What is Text to PDF Converter Online?

TXT to PDF converter is a powerful online tool that allows you to convert editable plain text files into a Portable document format (PDF). This tool works quite well when it comes to converting text to PDF.

The applications of this tool are endless. The PDF document that you get with it is compatible with almost all the digital smartphone and PC devices that you can find out there.

Txt To PDF Converter Online

This tool works on advanced algorithms to accurately convert TXT files into PDF files, without making any kind of changes to it. This tool doesn’t save the text data that you add to it. Everything gets deleted from the servers as soon as you are done with the PDF conversions job.

Why Use SEO Tools Centre Text to PDF Online?

There are many reasons why you’d want to use the TXT to PDF Converter. Here are the most common reasons why this tool can be incredibly helpful for you

Save Text Files as PDF

You can use this tool to easily text files as PDF. Why would you want to do that? The text file is editable, but the PDF files are not. Besides, PDF files are supported by almost all the operating systems that you can find out there. So, when you convert the text file to PDF, it gives you more versatility in terms of compatibility and support for your text documents.

You can also use our Word to PDF and PDF to Word converters for performing word to PDF and PDF to Word conversions respectively.   

Secure File Transfer

When it comes to sharing some kind of digital text information, sharing it as plain text can be quite risky. This is because anyone can edit the text in the file and make changes to it without your permission. This can put your sensitive information at risk.

Converting the text files to PDFs protects your text data from getting changed. This level of security is not possible with most file formats that enclose text data. So, when you convert text to PDF, it is useful for preserving the integrity of your sensitive information. You can further use the Encrypt PDF tool to make the file more secure.

The use of this tool is great for when you want to share hob applications or other kinds of confidential business documents online. 

Fast & Reliable File Transfer

TXT to PDF file conversion using our tool is fast and reliable. You can count on the performance of this tool for the efficient conversion of your TXT files to PDF. The conversion doesn’t have a lot of impact on the file size of the document.

Also, when you encrypt the PDF, it makes the file more secure. You can use the Decrypt PDF Online tool to gain access to the PDF file.

The TXT to PDF converter is quite fast in terms of file conversion performance. This is what makes this convert stand out from all the other options on the internet.

How to Use SEO Tools Centre Online Text to PDF Converter?

How to convert txt file to pdf online step 1

  • Upload a text file into the tool. You can also drag & drop a text file.

How to convert txt file to pdf online step 2

  • Click on the Convert Now button to start the TXT to PDF conversion. Wait for a few seconds.

How to convert txt file to pdf online step 3

  •  Download the converted PDF file using the download button.

How to convert txt file to pdf online step 4

  • Start over to convert more text files to pdf again.

How to convert txt file to pdf online step 5

You can also check out the extract images from PDF online to extract out images from a PDF.

Benefits of Text to PDF Converter Online

Convert Text to PDF Online

The TEXT to PDF Online converter allows you to convert text files to PDF online. This tool is fast, and the conversion performance is quite reliable. We have optimized the performance and user experience of this tool to make it the best option for you that you can find out there for converting text files to PDF.

No 3rd Party App Needed

You don’t need to install any kind of 3rd Party app to use the TXT to PDF converter tool. It is a cloud-based service that works on web browsers. You can use this on your PC web browser, without any kind of hassle.

This tool doesn’t use any of your native system resources, other than the resources that are used by your web browser.

Free Usage without Registration

The TXT to PDF Converter by SEO Tools Centre works without registration, just like our other tools including PDF Splitter and Merge PDF tool. You don’t need to go through the hassle of creating an account for the use of all the PDF processing tools by STC.  

You just need to visit our website and search for the TXT to PDF tool. Once you have found the tools, you’d be able to use them without having to go through account registration.

Works on Mobile Phones as Well

The TXT to PDF converter tool is designed to work on mobile phones as well. This tool works on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices. You can use this web app as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection.

You can use other tools like pdf URL online converter by SEO Tools Centre on your mobile phone as well.

Safety & Security Features

The TXT to PDF converter is a safe and secure tool that you can use without worrying about any kind of privacy risks. We don’t store any of your uploaded information on our servers. All of your data is instantly removed when you are done using our tools.

SEO Tools Centre Txt File To PDF Converter Online FAQs

How to convert TXT file to PDF?

You can use the TXT to PDF converter by SEO Tools Centre for this purpose. You need to add the text file to this tool, and it will handle the rest of the work for you.

How do I convert a TXT file to PDF Online?

The Text to PDF Converter by SEO Tools Centre is your best choice for converting text file to pdf online. This tool offers fast and efficient performance for free.

How can I convert text to PDF for free?

The Text to PDF converter by SEO Tools Centre allows you to convert text to PDF for free. You can use this tool without any kind of charges to make the conversion.

How can I add text to mobile PDF?

You need to use a PDF editing app for mobile phones to add text to the PDF. There are a lot of mobile apps available out there that offer you this feature including the PDFelement, OfficeSuite, Xodo PDF, and Write on PDF.