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Welcome to STC Website to PDF Online converter which is probably the easiest to use URL to PDF converter tool that you can find online. This tool is free to use and makes it simpler for you to convert any webpage to PDF online. You can customize the PDF format as per your personal preference.  

Website to PDF Online Converter Online Features

When it comes to converting a webpage to PDF online, you can either use paid software like PDF My URL or free web apps like the Website to PDF Converter by SEO Tools Centre. We highly recommend trying out our free URL to PDF documents converter because this tool is easy to use and doesn’t charge you anything.

SEO Tools Centre PDF My URL

The webpage to PDF tool saves webpages as PDF files that you can download and share any way you’d want to. The use of this tool is quite simple. Just add in the URL of the webpage in the specified space and the tool would take care of the rest.   

Why Use Our URL To PDF Tool?

This tool offers awesome benefits that could go a long way for you. Let’s go over why you might need to use this tool 

Read Webpages Offline

If you have a webpage that is quite important for you and you want to save it for reading offline, this tool can help you with that. With this website to PDF converter tool online, you can create PDF of your favorite Webpages and then you’d be able to read that PDF offline as well. You won’t always need to stay connected to internet for reading that webpage. 

Share Webpages with Anyone         

Once you convert a URL to PDF, the converter document is much more robust and easier to share than a standard URL link. You can convert the webpage to a PDF doc, and you’d be able to share it just like you share any other PDF online.  

What is PDF My URL?

PDF My URL is a popular paid site for converting website to PDF. This tool offers awesome features and with the account registration, you can also unlock many amazing benefits that PDF My URL has to offer.

The URL to PDF converter by SEO Tools Centre offers most of the features of this site for free. So, we highly recommend you check it out before going to a paid software. We also offers the free online PDF Merger for combining multiple pdf files and Word to PDF Converter for free for converting multiple Microsoft word document to pdf online.

How SEO Tools Centre PDF My URL works?

  • This tool is quite easy to use. Here is how you can use the free online website to PDF converter


  • Copy and Paste URL of a Webpage in the Specified Space

how to save webpage to pdf step 1

  • Hit Enter to Start the Processing

how to save webpage to pdf step 2

  • The Download button would appear once the processing is done

how to save webpage to pdf step 3

  • Download the Converted PDF File  

how to save webpage to pdf step 4

SEOToolsCentre’s PDF My URL FAQs

How to save a website as a pdf?

You can use the free website to PDF converter online by SEO Tool Centre. This tool allows you to easily convert a URL to PDF for free. 

How to convert webpage to pdf online?

The website to PDF converter online by SEO Tools Centre is a great tool for converting webpages to PDF online. This tool features an easy to use UI design which makes the process of conversing of webpage to PDF extremely easy and efficient.      

What is the best Free online website to pdf converter?

Free online website to PDF converter by SEO Tools Centre is the best tool in terms of performance, when it comes to converting a website to a PDF online. This tool delivers powerful performance completely safe and secure to use.  

How to convert webpage to pdf on mac?

Visit the SEO Tools Centre website for free SEO Tools using your mac. Search for the Website to PDF converter tool and you convert any URL to PDF that you want from there.

When I convert webpage to pdf why does it look different?

That is because warbags are formatted in a different way than a standard PDF File. So, when the conversion happens, the PDF look quite different than the actual webpage.  

How to make URL PDF?

There are many free tools sites that are offering free website to PDF online converter tools that can be used for this purpose. The best of these tools is the URL to PDF converter by SEO Tools Centre.