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Make your PDF Secure with Our Powerful PDF Encryption Tool and Protect it from Unauthorized Access. 

Encrypt PDF Online for Free

Looking for the most efficient way to protect your PDF document from unauthorized access? Try out free to use online PDF encryption tool. This PDF encrypt free online tool will allow you to protect your PDF files with by setting up a password for access.

Encrypt PDF Online

Once you online encrypt PDF with a password using our free Encrypt PDF Online tool, only the people who know and enter the password would be able to gain access to the contents of the PDF file. Our tool works on the most powerful PDF encryption algorithms which make this tool stand out from the crowd.         

Protect your PDF from Unauthorized Access

When it comes to setting up a password for PDF files, you can go for either the Open Password or the Owner Password.

Open Password: This type of password consists of long length and random characters. If you create a password with different alphabets, numbers and special characters, it would be considered an Open Password. Open Password is the most difficult to crack.   

Owner Password: This type of password is a bit weak and can be cracked using bypass tools.

With our free PDF encryption tool and other pdf tools including the online word to pdf converter and pdf to word converter online you’d be able to set up any of the 2 passwords as per your personal preference, to password protect a pdf. Although we recommend that you go for Open Passwords for the best protection of your PDF file.    

Features of Encrypt PDF Online Too

High Encryption Levels for Maximum Protection

There are different levels of encryptions used by different software. Our PDF tool used the 256-bit AES, and which makes the passwords set up by this tool impossible to crack. The passwords set by our PDF tool would be impossible to bypass.

User Privacy Protection

We don’t keep any of the files that are processed here, on our servers. All the files are deleted at once, after the encryption is done. You can be sure that with our encryption tool, your sensitive information remains secure and all your files are safe.

Powerful Encryption for Maximum Security

We used the latest encryption standards for securing your file so that it remains uncrackable. Our powerful encryption algorithms would maximize the security of your PDF files. Unlike most of the encrypted PDF document free online tools, the passwords set up by our PDF encrypt tool can never by bypassed.       

Works on Most Web Browsers 

Being a web application, this online PDF encryption tool will work on most devices to set strong password for PDFs. You’d be able to use this tool on Windows, Mac, Linux and even on your mobile devices. This app supports all platforms, provided that you have a device connected to the internet with a web browser installed on it.  

Cloud Processing

This web app runs on SEO Tools Centre’s powerful cloud servers, so it won’t need to be installed on your PC. The entire encryption process is done on the cloud. The Encrypt PDF online won’t need any of your local system resources to set password for your PDF.  

How to use Encrypt PDF Online

  • First of all select the encrypt pdf file.

SEO Tools Centre Encrypt PDF Online

  • Drag and Drop the PDF File into the tool.

How to encrypt pdf file online step 1

  • You can also use the Choose File Option to select the file.

How to encrypt pdf file online step 2

  • Click on Encrypt PDF to set up password for PDF.

How to encrypt pdf file online step 3

  • Download the PDF file after Encryption is Completed.

How to encrypt pdf file online step 4

Online PDF Encrypter FAQs

What is the Encrypt PDF Online Tool?

Encrypt PDF Online Tool by SEO Tools Centre allows you to protect your PDF by setting up a password protection for it. Only the people who know the password would be able to read the PDF.

Why use Encrypt PDF Online Tool?

Free Encrypt PDF Online Tool protects your PDF from unauthorized access. Only you or the people who know the password would be able to gain access to the PDF.    

How do I encrypt a PDF online?

You can use the PDF Encryption Tool by SEO Tools Centre to Encrypt your PDF. 

How can I encrypt a PDF for free?

The Encrypt PDF Online by SEO Tools Centre is a great software for setting up string encryption for your PDF documents. You can use this tool to encrypt all your PDF files for free.  

How do I encrypt a PDF with a password?

Online PDF Encryption tools allow you to setup up password for your PDF files. You can use these software solutions to encrypt PDF online. Protect PDF documents online with our Encrypt PDF Tool.