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About Sentence Counter

Welcome to our free Online Sentence Counter Tool. This tool offers you a fast, accurate and fitting way to determine the number of sentences in your text content. Use this tool to find out the exact number of sentences that you have used in your text content.

What is Sentence Counter?

The Sentence Counter is an online tool provided by the SEO Tools Centre which would help the user find out the number of sentences in their piece of writing. You can either write the content directly into the tool or you copy content from some other source to find out the total number of sentences in that content.

Sentence Counter

And not just sentences, this tool will also tell you the exact number of words and even characters that are in the content. Our free online sentence counter also works as a word letter counter tool to tell you the total number of words that are in the content.

Online sentence counter can go a long way for you in terms of content formatting as well as managing the length of content that you have written.     

Features & Benefits of Online Sentence Counter

Free to use

This tool is free to use. It will tell you the word count, sentence, count and letter count for free. You don’t need to pay anything for using the services of this tool. It is completely free.

Fast Processing Speed

Online Sentence Counter works in a fast and efficient way. It is faster than most online sentence counters that you can find out there. It calculates the number of characters as per the character limit, in an incredibly short amount of time. It would tell you all the words and characters in content in a much shorter time than most sentence counters that are available online.    

Easy to use

This tool is easy to use and works in most web browsers. It is a powerful sentence counting tool and yet is still extremely simple to operate. You won’t have any kind of problem when using this tool. The interface of the tool is simple and quite self-explanatory.  

Friendly User Interface

This sentence and word count tool come with an easy to use UI design. The entire interface has been designed in a way to enhance the user experience when using this tool. This tool calculates sentence paragraphs and the process for that is extremely simple and easy. 

Doesn’t Require Registration

You don’t need to go through the registration or any kind of weird authentications for using this tool. You can use it easily, whenever you want to. You can count sentences, counter the number of words and so much more with this sentence and character count tool. It is a great tool that can prove to be of big help to you when it comes to content formatting.      

How to use SEO Tools Centre Online Sentence Counter?

  • Write the text in the text box or copy text from some other source

Online Sentence Counter

  • Wait for a few seconds for the tool to analyze your content

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  • Refresh the page if tool takes a long time

how to use sentence counter step 2

  • All the results would be shown to you in a few seconds   

how to use sentence counter step 3

SEOToolsCentre's Sentence Counter FAQs

What is a sentence counter?

Online Sentence Counter by SEO Tools center is a free tool that would help you calculate the number of sentences, words and even characters in a piece of content. This tool is quite a power is extremely simple to use.

How does a sentence counter tool work?

This tool completely analyzes your content to calculate the number of sentences in content. It used powerful calculation algorithms to find the number of sentences in text content. This tool is quite smart and powerful.   

How to use the sentence counter?

Sentence counter works in a smart and automated way. You just need to add in the text content and the tool would take care of the rest for you. 

How to calculate the number of sentences in content?

You can use online sentence counters for this purpose. Sentence Counter by SEO Tools center is the best one in the market with awesome features and a friendly user interface. 

How to calculate the number of words in a paragraph?   

You can use our SEOToolsCentre's word counter or the complete Sentence, Words and Characters counter package by SEO Tools Centre. The Sentence Counter of SEO Tools center would help you calculate all these things from one interface.