TIFF to TXT Converter [Convert .tiff to Text Online]

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Convert TIFF files to text for free with our powerful TIFF to TXT converter online free.

What is TIFF to TXT Converter?

The TIFF to TXT converter by SEO Tools Center is a handy software solution that works on OCR to convert TIFF images files to text. You can’t edit the text in an image directly. Whether you want to edit text from an image or you simply just want to extract out useful text information from an image, you need software to do that.

This is where the TIFF to TXT converter comes in!

Tiff To Txt Converter

TIFF to TXT converter is an online web app that helps you convert TIFF files to editable text files. You don’t require any software installation for using this app because it runs on a web browser. If you have a PNG file and you want to extract text from it, you can try out the PNG to TXT converter for that.

What is a TIFF file?

TIFF stands for the tagged image file format. This file format was invented in 1986 by the Aldus Corporation. TIFF is most commonly used to keep raster graphics. TIFF can describe bilevel, palette color, grayscale, and full-color image data in a wide range of color spaces.

The best use case of TIFF is for editing bitmap images. Photographers and graphic artists use this file format to save their work.

Sometimes, there is some text in a TIFF file that you want to extract. The TIFF to Text converter online free helps you do just that. This file format works regardless of the operating systems that you are using on your different devices. The TIFF files to txt conversion are as simple as they can get with our powerful converter.

Convert TIFF to Text for Free

The TIFF to TXT converter doesn’t require any kind of subscription. You can use the services of this converter, without paying anything. And once you get the text file, you can edit it using a simple word processing tool.

So, if you want to convert your TIF file to text-free online in a short time period, we recommend you check out our TIFF to TXT converter. On a side note, if you want to do binary to text conversion, you can check out the Binary to Text converter for that.

How to Use the TIFF to TXT Converter?

Here is how you can convert from TIFF to TXT using our advanced OCR converter

  • Go to our website and navigate to the TIFF to TXT Converter.

How to convert tiff file to txt online step 1

  • Upload a TIFF document from your local storage, dropbox or Google Drive to the TIFF to TXT Converter.

How to convert tiff file to txt online step 2​​​​​​​

  • Click on the Convert button on the TIFF to TXT converter.

How to convert tiff file to txt online step 3

  • Once the tool has finished processing, you’d be able to download the file instantly after conversion.

How to convert tiff file to txt online step 4

  • Again you can save the text file to your Google Drive or Dropbox account as well.

How to convert tiff file to txt online step 5

TIFF to TXT Converter Features

100% Free .TIFF to TXT Conversion

You can convert any number of TIF files to text for free with this incredible tool. Once you convert the files, they get deleted from our servers after 24 hours and the download stops working after this time to maximize the privacy and security for the user. You can try out the TXT to PDF converter for converting text files to PDF for free as well.

Efficient OCR TIFF to text conversion

The TIFF to TXT converter works on optical character recognition to identify and extract text from a TIF image. When you use the converter, the link of TXT files becomes instantly available after the conversion. And since the processing happens in just a few minutes, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the converted files. The Picture to Text converter is another powerful OCR tool for extracting text from images that you can check out.

100% Safe and Secure

We don’t save any of your input TIFF files or converted text files on our servers. Once you are done using the tool, the files will get deleted and the download links will stop working after some time. You won’t have to worry about security or privacy risks with our TIFF to TXT converter. The PDF to TXT converter by SEO Tools Centre is also a safe and secure tool that you can check out.

No Limit for File Size

Unlike most free TIFF to TXT converter tools, there are no limits for the file size with our TIFF to TXT converter. You can upload a file with a large size and the tool would still be able to process it in an effective way. TXT to Speech converter is another incredible tool by SEO Tools Centre that works without the size limitations.

Works on Mobile Phones

This tool works fine on most devices, regardless of the Operating Systems limitations. This is what makes the TIFF to TXT converter a wonderful choice for everyone. The page layout of the tool is quite simple, so it is quite easy to use for even the people who have never used any only tool before. You can use the TXT to Image Generator on your phone as well to convert a plain text to an image.

TIFF to TXT Converter FAQs

Can a TIF file be converted to Word?

You can convert a TIF file to word. Here is how you can do the conversion from TIFF to Word document

  • Use the Insert Option in your MS Word
  • Choose the Insert Picture Option
  • Find the TIFF File from your PC storage
  • Double click on the TIFF file
  • Save the MS Word file

When you do that, the document containing the TIF file would be saved as a word document.

Can TIFF files be OCR?

Yes, you can use the OCR on TIFF files to extract out text from them. You can OCR TIFF files from either Office 2010 or using the TIFF to TXT converter by SEO Tools Center. If you want to generate fun text for your social media or web content, you can use the Reverse Text Generator for that purpose.

Is a TIFF editable?

You can’t edit a TIFF file directly with a text editor. So, the text in a TIFF file is not editable. You can use the OCR technology to extract out the text from the image and then edit it as per your requirement.

How to get an RGB TXT file from TIFF?

You can use a TIFF to RGB converter to text an RGB TXT file from a TIFF document.

How to convert a TIFF file to a TXT file?

You can upload the TIFF file to our TIFF to TXT converter. The converter is going to process the file and convert it to an editable text file that you can easily download.