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About HTML Decoder

Decode HTML entities to HTML text using our free to use HTML Decoder Online tool.

HTML Decode – Online HTML Decoder

If you have an encoded HTML containing HTML entities and you want to see what that file looks like in plain HTML, then the HTML Decoder Online is the tool for you.

You often need to convert HTML to its corresponding HTML entities in order to display the HTML special characters on a computer display. Once you have encoded the character and you want to decode them again, this is where you need to use the HTML Decoder Online tool.

html decoder online

URL encoding works in the same way as HTML encoding. You can encode or decode using online software solutions for the specific format that you are working with at the moment.

Why Use the HTML Decoder Online?

In the HTML encode process, the HTML character encoder converts the special characters in the hypertext markup language to their corresponding representation. You can encode an entire HTML page if you want to do that.

And when it comes to decoding the character encoding, the HTML Decoder Online comes into play. The HTML Decode process helps convert the special characters to their corresponding HTML entities simply and easily.

These characters have a special representation that is used during the encoding process. The decoding process reverses that representation to show what these characters mean on a real HTML page.

HTML Decoder (100% client-side) is a free online utility that makes it easier for you to decode HTML files in a simple, easy, and fun way.

How to Use SEO Tools Centre Online HTML Decoder?

Here is how you can use our tool to decode an HTML file online:

How To Decode html online step 1

  • Copy/paste or upload the encoded HTML file in the tool.

How To Decode html online step 2

  • Click on the Decode button to begin the HTML decoding process.

How To Decode html online step 3

  • The tool will decode the encoded text in a short amount of time. You can copy or download the decoded text.  

How To Decode html online step 4


SEOToolsCentre’s HTML Decoder Best Features

Free Online HTML Decoder

HTML Decode Online works to reverse the processing done by the HTML decoder tool. Where the encoder encodes the HTML text, the decoder reworks the character encoding to represent what it means. You can decode a string or an entire HTML page, as per your preference.

If you have a PDF file and you want to convert it to HTML, you can do that using the PDF to HTML converter. After that, you can easily encode the HTML file using the HTML encoder tool.

Efficient Performance

We have optimized this tool to deliver peak performance under all conditions. Even if your internet connection is slow, you can use this tool to decode an encoded HTML file. The performance of this tool stands out as compared with other HTML decoders online.

Our tool works on an efficient decoding algorithm that efficiently decoded all the encoded HTML entities. Once you get the HTML you can run it inside a web browser. After that, you can use the HMTL to PDF Converter online to convert the HTML file to a PDF document if you want to do that.

Helps You To Save Time

Most of the HTML Decoders that you find out there take a lot of time to decode the HTML file. These tools are quite slow in terms of processing speed and can take a lot of time to decode the encoded HTML file. If you don’t want to waste your time on slow-performing HTML decoders, then you should check out our tool instead.

With our HTML decoder, you won’t have to wait for a long time to get the results. As soon as you upload the file and hit the decode button, you get your desired results instantly with our tool. After that, you can use the HTML Editor and Viewer to make changes to the HTML file and see these changes online.

No Software Installation Required

The HTML Decoder Online works inside a web browser. You don’t need to install separate software for using the tool. You can go online and start using this tool, without any kind of usage limitations.

The HTML Decoder Online is an easy-to-use tool, as the HTML Compressor by SEO Tools Centre. You can use the HTML Compressor to compress your HTML files, make them smaller, and use them to set up your personal or business website.

You don’t need any kind of additional software for using any of the tools by SEO Tools Centre which takes the ease of use to a whole new level.

Offers Cross-Platform Support

The epic cross-platform support that HTML Decoder Online has to offer is one of the reasons why this tool is so popular among students and developers. You can use this tool on a phone or a PC to decode an HTML file.

Similarly, the Compress PDF Online tool by SEO Tools Centre also works on all devices. You can get a device with a web browser and internet and use this tool on that device. Using all the tools available at SEO Tools Centre is that simple.

SEOToolsCentre HTML Decoder FAQs

What is an HTML decoder?

The HTML Decoder Online is a free tool by SEO Tools Centre that helps you decode the encoded HTML entities to see what the encoded files represent.

How do I decrypt HTML code?

If you have encrypted the HTML code to make it inaccessible for unauthorized users, you can decrypt it using an HTML decryption tool. There are various tools available out there that you can use for HTML decryption purposes.

Can you decode HTML?

If you have an encoded HTML file, you can easily decode it using the online HTML decoder by SEO Tools Centre. This tool makes it easier for you to decode a few lines of HTML or an entire page for free.

How do I decode a link?

There are various link or URL encoding and decoding tools available online. You can use these tools to encode or decode a link in just a few seconds.