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Hex To Decimal

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About Hex To Decimal

Convert Hexadecimal values to Decimal with ease using our free online Hex to Decimal Converter.

What is Hex to Decimal Converter?

If you have some hex values and you want to see their decimal representation, then this is the tool for you. You can add the hex values in this tool, and it will convert the values to decimal for you.

Hex to decimal converter

Hex to Decimal Converter is good for academic use as well as for manipulating hexadecimal values in general. Using this tool, you can quickly perform conversions for large hexadecimal values for free.  

What’s the Hex System?

The Hexadecimal or Hex system is a number system with a base of 16. This number system is made up entirely of 16 values that range from 0 to 9 numbers and the letters A, B, C, D, E, F. The letters A to F represent the numbers 11 to 15 of the standard decimal number system.

Humans use a hexadecimal number system to represent large and complex binary values. Memorizing large binary values is not easy. Using hexadecimal representation for binary values, humans can better deal with binary numbers and understand how they work in a given scenario and you can use the binary translator online for the binary solution.   

What’s the Decimal System?

The decimal number system is the standard number system used by humans for centuries. This number system is made up of 10 values ranging from 0 to 9. Humans use decimal values as the basis for all their mathematical operations in the real world.

The conversion of decimal to hexadecimal and vice versa is required in case you want to see how a number is represented in a particular system.

How Do you Manually Convert from Hex to Decimal?

The conversion of hex to decimal in manual format is a long process. It is time-consuming and can get quite difficult for large numbers.

We recommend using the hex to the decimal converter to do the conversion and the decimal to ascii converter to convert the decimal values to the different systems e.g Hex, Binary, Base64 and ASCII text. Still, if you want to learn how to do it manually, then this is how you can do it.  

How to Convert Hexadecimal to Decimal?

You take a hexadecimal value and you multiply each hex number in that value with 16. You start from right to left and keep increasing the power of 16 from 0 and onwards for each digit.  

This is what it looks like in action

The Hex Number = (ABC)16

10 x 162 + 11 x 16 + 121 x 160 = 2560 + 176 = 12 = 2748

How to use Hex to Decimal Converter?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of manual conversion of hex to decimal, you can use our free online hex to decimal converter for that. 

  • Enter the Hexadecimal value in the converter.

  • Click on the Convert button.

  • You’d see the output in the box below.

Hex to Decimal Converter – Best Features

Easy to Use Converter

The hex to decimal conversion by SEO Tools Centre is an easy-to-use tool that you can use to convert hex values to decimal in a simple way. This tool takes ease of use to the next level with its self-explanatory interface design. 

Doesn’t Require Registration

The Hex to Decimal converter doesn’t require you to register yourself before using this tool. This converter is the reciprocal of the hex calculator and free to access for everyone without the need of signing up or creating an account.  

Do Hex to Decimal Conversion for Free

You can use this tool for as long as you want and as much as you want for free. There are no limitations associated with the use of this powerful tool. It is a free web app that you use 24/7. 

Super-Fast Conversion

The conversion process and speed of this tool are quite phenomenal. It doesn’t take a lot of time to work and gives you the output for your input query in just a few seconds.  

Features Cross-Platform Support

Whether you are on a PC or you are using your phone, you can use this tool on any device that you want to. Cross-platform support is one of the primary reasons why this tool is better than most options out there.

Hex To Decimal FAQs

How do you convert hex numbers to decimal?

You can use the free online hex to the decimal converter to convert hex numbers to their corresponding decimal value. You just need to add the hex number in this tool and then hit convert. The tool will take care of the rest of the conversion. 

What is FFFF hexadecimal in decimal?

The FFFF in hexadecimal is equal to the 65535 in decimal format.  

What is the decimal equivalent value of hexadecimal A13?

A13 corresponds to 2579 in decimal. 

What does 0x with a value mean?

The prefix 0x at the beginning of a value means that the number belongs to the hexadecimal number system. For example, the value 0x1234 is a hexadecimal value and should be processed in that way.