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Welcome to article density checker tool which is proudly designed and offered by SEO Tools Centre. SEO Tools Centre is a fast growing SEO tools hub which offers the best quality and useful SEO tools on the user's interest base. We have found that the users are wondering  for a tool which can detect the exact percentage of keywords within articles and we developed article's keyword density checker/analyzer. 

Our article/keyword density checker is super fast, instant and reliable tool to find out the exact percentage of  the total number of the keywords. It displays the results in the columns which can be scrolled. First column with the short tail I mean single keywords density, second with two words, third with three words.

Article Density Checker

You must need to keep in mind while writing an SEO optimized article that the keywords density within the article must be under the 3% and 3% is enough. Google doesn't like and considered the over optimization or keywords stuffing while you are using keywords density more than 3%. The more percentage can harm your website ranking and also can because of Google penalty. 

Our Article density analyzer/checker tool is the world's no.1 tool to detect the exact density.  It's our unique SEO Tool which is only offered by SEO TOOLS CENTRE. Keyword density checking tool offered by other companies/site offers only to detect the keywords percentage for the only web page while we offer both for the webpage and for article/plain text. The article density calculator helps the webmasters to detect the percentage/density for their web pages including the most popular tags cloud. It's the calculation/measurement for the keywords how many times they are displayed within the article/web page compared to total numbers of words.

Is keyword density is necessary to avoid keywords stuffing?

Keyword density/percentage is one of the most popular and important SEO factors. It's very necessary to measure keywords percentage if you want to avoid the keywords stuffing. Sometimes search engines hit the website's rankings due to the over-optimization of keywords stuffing because over the use of a word pollute the internet and user don't find their exact choirs. 

How to use article density checker/calculator tool?

To use this tool simply copy and paste your article/plain text in the above box and result will display within the few seconds. If you want to obtain high search engines rankings and SERPS results then always follow keywords density guidelines while writing articles. If you want to analyze your the keyword density for the entire web page then try our "KEY DENSITY CHECKER".

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Article Density Checker Tool

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  • Check Your Article Density Result.

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Note: We recommend you to always check your article for Grammar error using "Grammar Checker Pro (with 26 Support)" and analyze it for duplicate content using "Plagiarism Checker Tool" before publishing your article to avoid spamming. Also recommends the paraphrasing tool for paraphrasing the easy, articles or web contents.