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About Page Authority Checker

Welcome to page authority checker tool which is proudly developed by SEO MOZ to calculate the PA of a webpage. PA is another most important SEO and a ranking factor which is used to detect/identify the strength of a web page. Page authority is a scorecard same as domain authority. PA and DA both were launched by SEO MOZ to strengthen your SEO. It helps us to detect the page value/status.

The web pages with the high page authority score are more powerful and engage more users. It helps the website to attract maximum users. We cannot condemn the value of PA because it is the most important factor which is used to judge the ranking of a single web page. It’s also the same score on the scale from 1-100 like DA. Our Page Authority analyzing tool works same as the domain authority checker but the difference is only that it is specified for the single web page.

The page authority score detection tool works smoothly and quickly than other SEO Tools. The web pages with high PA are more powerful and necessary for a website to attain top ranking on the Google. If you wish to be no one on Google try to increase domain authority and the page authority of your website and this will only enable to obtain top results on Google.

This most valuable and reliable tool allows you to analyze multiple domains for DA at the same time. You have a website which you want to analyze. no deep knowledge or instruction is required to use this tool.


How does (PA) Page authority tool works?

This tool works as the same as the domain authority checker. It scans and calculate the PA of your favorite website and displays the results with their current/exact DA scores. Our tool is configured with the SEO Moz with premium API to obtain an original ranking.


How to use page authority detection tool offered by the SEO Tools Centre?

It’s very simple and easy to use (PA) page authority tool which is used by the webmasters to analyze the PA of their web pages. You have to type or submit your website URL in the above box and then click on the submit for PA of your web page.

Note: We suggest you focus on the increasing the domain authority and that can be obtained by getting high PR authority backlinks. You can obtain high PR backlinks using "backlink maker tool" and can analyze the domain authority using "Domain Authority Checker".