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About Domain Authority Checker

Welcome to (DA) domain authority analyzing tool developed and organized by SEO Tools Centre. Domain authority (DA) is one of the most brilliant SEO factor/scale or graph which is structured by SEO MOZ. SEO MOZ is an organization of some worldwide SEO experts and professionals. They share all about new SEO tactics and updates about Google and SEO on SEO MOZ on a regular basis. You can find out all the Panda/Penguin or manual penalty updates about Google on SEO MOZ with their recovery plans. You can share and ask your SEO issues and problems with professional on SEO Moz.

Bulk Domain Authority Checker

(DA) Domain authority is a score card or scale from 1-100 which specifies that how well a domain/web rank on search engines. MOZ (DA) domain authority score analyzing is the most amongst and important from SEO point of view. The DA means your website have well/strong ranking with high traffic and lower DA with fewer ranking and traffic.

DA score is mostly used to analyze the SEO strength of a website, or to SEO strength compares with others websites. It helps us to understand the exact value and web page position currently lying on the search engine results. Web pages with higher DA domain authority ranked well and fast by the search engines as compare to other web pages. DA score allotted on backlinks, quality, content and others merits. The high ranked websites able to achieve DA up to 70 and normal comes with 50 DA. Poor domain with DA 10. You can freely analyze your website domain authority score to analyze the strength of your website using our free DA checker tool.

Domain authority is only used to analyze DA of the domain only, and it cannot be used for page authority. If you want to analyze page authority, then try our bulk page authority checker tool which helps you to identify your web page authority.


How does Domain authority analyzing tool works?

This is an advanced tool and works smoothly without any interruption. It's a reliable and fast tool to identify the real domain authority of your domain. It working is so simple to understand. This tool carefully scans your inquiry domain and its backlinks and other factors that are necessary to allocate DA. After the scanning process is simply the DA of your website/domain in figures.

How to use the Domain Authority tool offered by SEO Tools Centre?

  • First of all, go to the SEOToolsCentre and choose the bulk da checker tool.

Domain Authority Checker

  • Put your domain/website URL in the above box.

How To Use Domain Authority Checker Step 1

  • Just click on the submit button.

How To Use Domain Authority Checker Step 2

  • The exact DA score for your specified domain.

How To Use Domain Authority Checker Step 3

  • Our DA checker tool works as a bulk DA tool, and you can analyze up to 10 for DA score at the same time. This tool will automatically generate your DA report. The domain authority analyzing tool is the most compelling and legit product of SEO Tools Centre that helps you to improve your analytics report in seconds.

How To Use Domain Authority Checker Step 4

Note: Domain authority is important but if you want to increase it then also increase the page authority, and it can be enhanced by obtaining high PR powerful backlinks. You can get powerful backlinks using the "backlink maker tool" and can analyze your website page authority using "Page authority checker" to meet up the tactics of the SEO and Google.