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<meta property="og:title" content="">
<meta property="og:site_name" content="">
<meta property="og:url" content="">
<meta property="og:description" content="">
<meta property="og:type" content="">

About Open Graph Generator

An open graph code generator is an online tool to generate open graph meta tags for web pages. You can use our open graph meta code generator to present an attractive preview of your blog posts on social media.

What Is an Open Graph Generator?

An Open Graph generator is a tool or software that automatically generates open graph metadata for a webpage. There are many open graph image generators available online that can help website owners or developers easily create the necessary metadata for their web pages, without having to manually write the tags themselves. 

Open Graph Code Generator

These open graph image generators typically ask for some basic information about the webpage, such as its title, description, and image, and then generate the necessary Open Graph tags based on that information. This can save time and ensure that the metadata is correctly formatted and optimized for social media sharing.

How to generate open graph meta property code online? [A Guide]

Seotoolscentre provides many tools for its users, including a meta tags generator and a meta tags analyzer. One of them is an open graph meta code generator. You can use the open graph code generator by the seotoolscentre in the following given steps:

  • Open the open graph meta tags generator tool page.

How to generate open graph tags online step 1

  • Enter the required information in the relevant box, like the title, site URL, post type, number of images, etc.

How to generate open graph tags online step 2

  • The social media meta tags generator will generate the codes if you add the information. You can copy these codes to your clipboard and use them according to your need.

How to generate open graph tags online step 3

Benefits Of SEO Tools Centre OG Code Generator

There are the following features of our social media meta tags generator:

Free To Use

In this world, the availability of any software or tool free of cost is no less than a blessing. Many free tools may be available in the market, but they may require registering before using them. They may also be limited in use. 

Our tools are different. Our social media meta tags generator is free to use and unlimited. You can use it as many times as you want. The other feature of our open graph and microdata generator is that it does not require any registration process. Hence, open graph generators save money as well as time. You can also use our robots.txt generator free of cost.

Safe And Secure

Many of the tools are available online. Some can store or sell your data to any third party. This makes your information insecure. Our code generator ensures your safety and security. Our open graph markup generator does not save any information of yours. Hence you can use it without any worry. You can also rely on our online meta tag generator to generate meta tags.


The other feature of our open graph markup generator is that it is available 24/7. You need not wait to use it for long. This “generate open graph tags” tool is always available anywhere and anytime. Just open the tool and start doing your work. 


Our OG code Generator online is compatible with multiple devices. You can use our tool on any of the available devices. Android users, as well as iPhone users, can use it without any worry. The social media meta tags generator will also generate meta and present you with the same effective results on a PC. Hence the device on which it is being used does not mate because it offers the same, faster result on each device.

What is Open Graph Used For?

Open Graph protocol is a protocol developed by Facebook in 2010 that allows website owners and developers to define metadata for web pages. This metadata can be used by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to display rich previews of links when they are shared on those platforms.

The Open Graph metadata includes information such as the title, description, and og image associated with a web page. This metadata is used by social media sites to create a preview of the webpage that is shared, which includes a thumbnail image, a title, and a brief description of the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Open Graph Tags Affect SEO?

Open graph tags do not affect the SEO of a site directly, but they can affect the SEO of a site indirectly. The available graphs help the post to be visible in social media previews. This can attract the attention of the readers and they can open it. Hence click-through rates are increased, and the traffic is directed to the website.

How Do I Create An Open Graph?

You can create an open graph by manually assembling the codes. This can be a difficult and time-consuming process. You can also use an open graph tag generator. The open graph image generator will help you to generate open graph codes. You can use these codes to develop an open graph automatically.

Who Uses Open Graph?

Open Graph is used by website owners, digital marketers, and web developers. They used the open Graph to present an eye-catching preview of their post on social media. This can help them to gain traffic and increase CTR.