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About Keyword Position Checker

Welcome to (STC) SEO Tools Centre keyword position checker tool which has the option to detect the current keyword position of your favorite keywords in a popular search engine e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This is very necessary to keep in touch with your incoming search terms for SEO purpose. It gives information about your website ranking. You can find large numbers of companies are offering keyword analytic and charging a huge amount against it from their users. Semrush, KeywordSpy, and many other most popular companies are working for keyword analytics. The main feature of the keyword positioning tool is to check the keyword position in the search results. Every webmaster always tries to analyze their website ranking so the solution is “keyword position checker tool”.

SEO Tools Centre Keyword Position Checker

The search Engine Optimization goal is to cover the top 3 positions on search engine results. It takes much time, but the true mean of the SEO is to obtain your website within the top three positions because visitor prefers only the first page results and never waste their time by going on the second or third page. Use our free keyword positioning tool to analyze the position in the most popular search engines for your specific keywords to determine to rank and do more work to achieve your goal. First, create a list of your keywords and enter one keyword per line in the above box and choose your favorite search engines and click on the button “Check Position” and watch the results. You can find out the more relevant keyword using our related keyword suggestion tool for the latent semantic analysis.

Our keyword position tracking tool scans the search engine results for your specific keyword/phrase that you have entered in the box. This tool determines the exact location of your website for specific keywords for different search engines. If you don’t on the top three positions, the first-page position is not bad but requires more work to acquire the first position. However, if your site is not under the first hundred results (I mean first ten pages) then you have a problem and it means that you don’t have optimized your website for that keyword or not followed the exact quality guidelines and your website may be penalized.

How to use the SEO tools Centre Keyword Position Checker Tool?

  • Select the keyword Position checker tool

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  • Enter Your Keyword

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  • Click on find Keyword Position

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  • Check your Keyword Position Result

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  • Try a new Keyword

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Here Some super tips about how to get a high keyword position on Google from SEO Tools Centre

  • Research before choosing the right keywords carefully. Always try, to begin with, the long-tail keywords with low competition because low long tail and low competition keywords are easy to rank. 

  • Always try to optimize your website for profitable, great and user interest-based keywords and don't forget to analyze the articles keyword density to avoid keyword stuffing. Web sites achieve a high ranking with a large number of quality keywords.

  • Focus on quality, not on quantity. Web pages with quality content that engage the users are rewarded by the search engines with high rankings.

  • Quality and related backlinks are the backbones of the websites. Web pages with quality backlinks are more valuable for search engines and users. So, always try to build web pages with quality content and backlinks. 

  • Use our backlink checking tool to analyze your website backlinks to find out the PR of backlinks websites. Moreover, quality, ideal, and authority backlinks are the best way to promote your website. Avoid shortcuts to buy low-quality backlinks and It may be caused to be penalized by Search Engines.