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About XML Sitemap Generator

This XML sitemap generator tool helps you to generate a sitemap for your website in an easy way. This tool is used to generate a sitemap of your site which is helpful for bloggers to get the benefit of Google analytics and the webmaster tool. 

What does mean by XML Sitemap Generator?

Simply it is a tool that will give you complete information about your website that helps you in SEO and to check the broken links of your website. It is offered you the SEO Tools Centre which is the no one best SEO tools provider. This tool is very easy and simple to use.

XML Sitemap Generator

Why use XML sitemap generator tool?

Sitemap generator tool is too beneficial that you do not need to worry about why to use this tool. There are many advantages of using this tool as it gives you the complete sitemap of your website and help you used google analytics in a better way.
It also generates a list of broken list that helps you to maintain your website ranking by repairing those broken links. You do not need any special skills to use the XML Sitemap generator tool as you just have to put your homepage URL of your website. You can simply generate a sitemap through this tool and can benefit from using different web tools like Google Webmaster tools. 
You do not need to have any coding knowledge or experience to use this tool. You can get your sitemap in no time without any important skills.

How does SEO Tools Centre Sitemap creator work?

To generate a sitemap of your website through this online Sitemap Generator tool, you need URL of the homepage of your website and some other optional detail. You need to paste the XML file that you generate through this tool in your website. This file contains the XML content, links to the generated files and broken links. First analyze your website meta tags using the meta tags analyzer online and upload this file into the root directory of your website in your Google Webmaster tools log in. When you paste the URL of your website, it starts analyzing your website and making a file of sitemap links and broken links and gives results in no time. 


How to create XML sitemap online using SEO Tools Centre? [Step By Step]

The XML sitemap generator tool is offered by the SEO Tools Centre, which always tries to provide the best tools to help your website's SEO. It is very easy to use this sitemap generator tool; you have to follow the following steps.

How to create xml sitemap online step 1

  • After that, click on the generate button to start generating Sitemap for the website and redirect you to a link.

How to create xml sitemap online step 2

  • Download the XML sitemap file from that link.

How to create xml sitemap online step 3

  • After downloading the file, upload that files into your website root directory using your Webmaster Tools account.

How to create xml sitemap online step 4

 It is how to use Online Sitemap Generator offered by the SEO Tool Centre. Use this tool and enjoy using Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.