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About Word Counter Tool

Welcome to (STC) SEO Tools Centre online word counter tool that helps you to count word within a paragraph, assignments, text files and essay with the single click. Our word counter tool is fast, reliable and most powerful in workings. It’s an instant word calculating tool which count the words in submitted documents, text file or plain text. 


How does word counter tool works?

Its works very smooth and fast. Our advanced words calculating tool first scan the entire entered text or documents file and then calculate it. It works as the MS Word and displays the total number of words in a figure. It doesn’t take much time to show the result it works like the calculator. As you click the button “Count Words” the result will be displayed in front of you for a second.


How to use word counter tool offered by (STC) SEO Tools Centre?

It is Very simple to use our word counting tool.  There is no advance skill or knowledge is required to use it. Simply copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) in the above text box or upload your text file or document and then click the button “Count Word”. The results will be shown in the figure under the text area right after clicking the button. This is an important tool for freelance writers, university students and teachers to count the total length of the content. There is no magic which can tell you about a website total word count. So, luckily SEO Tools Centre designed and lunch word counting tool which is instant, fast, reliable and free forever. 


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