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About Mobile Friendly Test

In this age, a lot of people use the internet on mobiles, and their number increases day by day. Therefore it is important to make your website mobile friendly to get millions of views from mobile users. Google also ban the sites that are not mobile-friendly and give ranking to the good responsive websites. Your first step in blogging is to make your website responsive and to check that is it mobile friendly or not. You have to analyze your website for this purpose either you are newbie or expert webmaster. Mobile Friendly Website Checker is the latest tool introduces by SEO Tool Centre, which tells you about your website responsiveness.

What is Mobile Friendly Website Checker Tool?

Almost all specifically Google pay a deep eye on the website speed and its responsiveness for all type of format. If your site is friendly for Mobile Phones, Windows, Tablets, etc. Then you have higher chances of ranking and to increase your visitors. So, it is very important to check your website for these entire formats if you want to get ranked and indexed properly. This is what for which mobile friendly website tester is made and offered to you.

Mobile Friendly Test

This tool helps you to analyze your website for mobile and tells you that is it responsive or not for mobile users. After that, you can take necessary steps to make it responsive for mobile users. It is estimated that shortly 70% of people will use mobile for the Internet and search their required things from mobiles. So it is very important to make a website responsive for mobile users, and this tool will help you in doing that.

Why use mobile friendly website checker tool?

This responsive mobile checker is very reliable and gives a result equal to Google responsive checker. Web site responsiveness has great importance in SEO and helps to get more visitors than others. This tool helps you to analyze your website and to make it mobile friendly and to catch Android users from your website design.

How does it work?

Mobile Friendly tester generates a report for your website and gives you the result. When you enter the URL of your website and click on the submit button, it starts analyzing the website and gives you results in the form of a report. It gives results with screenshots and helps you to understand where you need to make changes.

How to use this Mobile Friendly Website Checker Tool offered by the SEO Tool Centre?

It is very easy to use this tool as you need the only URL of your website. Enter your website in the given box and click on the submit button. It gives results after analyzing the whole site in no time. It shows you your website look on desktop, mobile, and tablets with the help of screenshots.
Mobile friendly checker tool also gives you the scores of your website, if it gets 80+ marks then it is not bad and need no or little changing, but if the score is lower than 80 then you have to think about it and to take important steps to make it responsive.

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