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About Image to Base64

Welcome to the easiest to use Image to Base64 Encoder Tool by SEO Tools Centre. Choose from a wide range of Image file formats like JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF and convert them to Base64 with the click of a button.

What is Base64?

Before we get into the Image to Base64 Tool, let’s talk a little about Base64 and where is it used.

Base64 is a binary to text or images encoding scheme which represents binary data in an ASCII format. When there is some binary data that you want to send across a network or store in a medium that only supports textual data, you need to encode your data into its base64 representation. The same is true for Images.

Image to base64

Once you convert your images to base64, you can use the resulting string as Data URI, image source in CSS and so much more. You can’t do that with the image as it is. And you also can’t use binary representation because it would just not be efficient in terms of syntax of your code. So, what you do is, you convert the image to its base64 representation which is then used for further processing.     

What is Image to Base64 Encoder?

Image to base64 online converter is a free tool that will help you convert all standard image formats to their Base64 representation. This is a unique tool that features an easy to use interface and processing efficiency that is just phenomenal. This tool will help you convert any image that you want, to its base64 to image conversion that you’d be able to use as a source for HTML and CSS.

Convert Image to base64 easily with our free Image to Base64 encoder. This tool is completely free to use and works on mobile devices as well. Although there is a size limit for the images that you can upload here, it would work just fine for most images.

If you want to convert base64 to its image representation, you can check out our Base64 to Image Decoder Tool.      


How does image to Base64 Encoder Work?

This tool takes in the image and uses its powerful encoding features to convert the image to its base64 format. This tool uses efficient encoding algorithms to encode image to base64.  

How to Encode Image to Base64?

  • Choose a file from your local storage

Image to base64 converter

  • You can also drag & drop the image

how to convert image to base64 step 1

  • Click on Convert to Base64

how to convert image to base64 step 2

  • Wait for the tool to finish processing

how to convert image to base64 step 3

  • That’s it! You are good to go.

how to convert image to base64 step 4

Image To Base64 Features Overview:

Free to use

This tool helps you convert image to base64 for free. Unlike paid encoding software, this tool is free to use and doesn’t ask you for monthly payments and stuff like that.

Friendly UI

The user interface of the tool is quite friendly and unique. It makes it easier for you to convert image to base64 JavaScript and so much more. The UI is free from complicated design elements and makes the use of the tool easier for you.    

Efficient Performance

Base64 encode image performance is off the charts. This tool is great at converting images to their corresponding base64 format. 

No Registration Needed

You don’t need to register yourself to use this tool. This tool is easy to use and can be used without going through weird registration processes. 

Image To Base64 Converter FAQs

How to convert image into base64?

You can use the Image to Base64 encoder by SEO Tools Centre for this purpose. It is free to use tool that delivers excellent performance in less time.  

Why use Image to Base64 Encoder?

The image to base64 encoder is needed when you have to store your image or textual data in a medium that only deal with base64 format. The converted data can be used as a CSS and HTM source and can be easily embedded using Data URI.

What is the image to base64 encoder?

Image to base64 encoder is a free tool that is used to convert images to their corresponding base64 encoding scheme.   

How image to base64 works?

It uses the base64 ending scheme to give you the base64 representation of the digital images that you put in this tool for processing.  

How to use Image to Base64 Encoder Tool?

Simply just add in the image that you want to convert to base64 in this tool, start the conversion and you are good to go. Check out the complete guide above for using this tool.