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About Website Links Count Checker

What is Links Count Checker Tool?

It is the modern SEO tool that is offered by the SEO Tool Centre. This Website Links Count Checker tool is used to count the number of links on a particular page of a website.

External links have key important for the website success as it directly related to the quality of the site and content present on it. Webmaster uses this tool to count the external links so that they check the quality of the site. Search engines like Google do not like the publishing of too many outgoing links as a result of which it can penalize the website.

Why use this tool?

Webmaster uses this tool to check the external links on a particular page of the site to increase the quality of the website. This website links counter tool also save them from long term and headache work which is to find advertisement links. It will also save money of the webmaster that they are going to spend on the purchase of these advertisement links from the service provider.

Website Links Count Checker

It is very easy and simple tool everyone can use this tool. You do not need any advanced or technical knowledge to use it and to understand it. It is used for the link exchange purpose. It is recommended that do not exchange links with pages having links more than 50.


How does it work?

When you enter the URL of the website, it will start analyzing and finding the links, present on each particular page and give result in no time. It tells that how many outgoing links are present on a particular page and are they affecting the quality of the website.

The quality or professional look is one that is on the number one position in SEO. If your website does not have quality content or links and is not looking professional, then you cannot even index by the search engines.

It is recommended that webmasters should have to use some links only that are specified by the search engine if you use more than the recommended links number than your site cannot be indexed properly or can be penalized by the search engine.

But by using this Website Links Count Checker tool you can prevent your site and enhance its quality and professional looks.


How to use this Website Links Counter Tool offered by the SEO Tool Centre?

SEO Tool Centre is the best tool station where you can get a lot of tool for the SEO of your website, and all these tools are 100% working and reliable.

  • Select the Website Links Counter Tool.

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  • Enter a URL or paste URL  .

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  • Click on Submit Button.

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  • Check Your Website Links Result.

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  • Try a New URL to analyze another website.

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It is very easy to use this Website Links Counter Tool, just paste the complete URL of your website and click on the submit option. It will give the result of outgoing links on your web page. You can compare your site with your competitor site by counting the links on your site and his site. It will help you to compete with your competitors and beat them in this regard.