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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Welcome to the reserve IP Domain checker tool which is used to identify the reserved IP for the separate domain. SEO Tools Centre reserve IP domain analyzing tool is the super-fast and instant tool which is used for the detection of the IP address pointed to your domain name. If you are using the shared web hosting services then our tool will display all the websites hosted on such IP address. This tool also displays show if your website is at risk.

Reverse Ip Domain Checker

Our reserve IP domain analyzing tool is easy to use and free forever which helps you to detect other website containing virus/malicious content which are pointed to your IP. It means that your website contains harmful content with malicious information reported by someone. Using same IP address for multiple websites can affect your own website page rank and sudden change in the (SERPS) search engine result placement. Even we can say that sharing an IP with another website that contains adult content, hate speech or any other content not liked by the peoples and search engines. The search engines result filter detects such pages and makes changes in all the domains connected to such IP address.


What is the best choice? Shared or Dedicated Hosting and SEO

Websites of such types are mostly blocked by the due to malicious content and this can result in accidental changes in the rankings of all web pages configured to same server or IP. If you have optimized your website for front page results replacements then must use dedicated web hosting because this is the perfect choice for you and your website also. This is a most helpful tool for you to identify the websites which are sharing IP address with your personal domain. 

How is reserve IP Domain analyzing tool works?

This tool works very smoothly and fast to determine all of the websites using same server or IP to yours. This tool first scans your website and identify the server or IP address connected to it and then analyze all other domains using the detected IP address and display all the domains which are configured to your server/IP address. 

How to use reserve IP domain checker tool offered by SEO Tools Centre?
It’s mostly the same as the other tool. Simply copy your website with “HTTP://” and paste to it above domain name box or type your domain name and click on the submit button. The results with all the connected domain will be shown under the website box.