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Urdu Typing Tool

a ا b ب
p پ t ت
T ٹ C ث
j ج c چ
H ح K خ
d د D ڈ
Z ذ r ر
R ڑ z ز
X ژ s س
x ش S ص
J ض v ط
V ظ e ع
G غ f ف
q ق k ک
g گ l ل
m م n ن
w و o ہ
h ھ u ء
i ی y ے

About Urdu Typing Tool

Welcome to SEOToolsCentre's Urdu typing tool to write Urdu online without installing any software or application. SEO Tools Centre Urdu Typing tool is world's no.1 online tool to write Urdu sentences without installing any language, fonts etc. By Using our Urdu typer tool you can write Urdu fast and easily without any special skills. 
SEO Tools Centre is dedicated to offering unique, light weight and users interest base tools to
meetup their needs. Our tool for those who don't know to download, install and use In page or other Urdu software. We can say that it's a first step to promote our national language worldwide. Unlike other software's/websites our online Urdu typing tool is error free and efficient tool as acute as a knife. 

The online Urdu keyboard is the perfect choice for those who want to search the meaning of words in the dictionary. They just type their favorite words using this tool, copy and paste to dictionary search box for its exact meaning and related words. Nowadays English has become the international language and no one agrees to promote nationals languages. We are here to promote our national language by launching this URDU keyboard tool. 

Latest generations of laptops, computers, and smartphones are equipped with English keyboard by default so it's tough for Urdu writers to create Urdu content. Now, you don't need to worry about all of this because we have the perfect solution (STC) SEO Tools Centre's online URDU keyboard free which has everything you want. Mostly people use In page or other Urdu software to write Urdu within articles, images, and documents but now you can do all of these things at one place. 

How to use Online URDU typing tool/keyboard offered by SEO Tools Centre?

To use this tool simply use a mouse and select your favorite words from above gives and these will display intext area. After typing you can customized or edit them or copy your words/lines to use it everywhere e.g Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp.