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Image Optimizer

Add up to 10 multiple image files
(Size Limit: 2MB per file | Supported Formats: JPEG & PNG)

About Image Optimizer

What is Online Image Optimizer?

The Online Image Optimizer is a remarkable tool at the SEO tools Centre (a tool station that contains all SEO  tools for free and some paid also). It is used to optimize (resize) the image size without losing its quality. As a Seo professional you have knowledge that how image quality and size can affect your site. This tool will help you out in this and help you to maintain your site speed.

Image optimization helps a lot in SEO. If you have a site with no picture, it will look not more than crap, but if you have a site with the proper use of images, it will attract the audience to your site. They will curious to know about the product by seeing the image.

Image Optimizer

Why use this tool?

It is an essential question. Why you should use this tool as you have many other tools available in the market and some other methods are also there to help you out in this matter. The answer to this question is hidden in its specifications that are discussed below.

  • It is manageable and easy to use the tool.
  • It will handle multiple tasks at one time.
  • The important feature is that it saves your time that you can spend doing something else.
  • It will decrease the image size without losing its quality.
  • It will give results in no time that make it a quicker tool than any other available online.


How does this tool work?

This Image resizes tool work on basic principles and helps you to resize image without losing quality online. When you upload an image by clicking the upload button, it starts analyzing the image size and quality. After that when you click the button compress or optimize it give an image with low size without losing the quality.


How to use this Image Optimizer Tool Offered By SEO Tool Centre too?

To use this tool as easy as it is a simple tool. You do not need to edit the image yourself like you do in Photoshop and many other online image resizers. You also do not need to select among many options that make you confuse. Just Open the resize image online tool of SEO Tools Centre and Upload the image into it that you want to resize or optimize. When you enter the compress button of it, then it will automatically decrease the image size and gives you the result.

  • Select the Tool.

Image Optimizer Tool

  • Chose File for compression.

How use to Image Optimizer Tool step 1

  • Add another image

How use to Image Optimizer Tool step 2

  • Click on Compress Button.

How use to Image Optimizer Tool step 3

  • Check Your Result.

How use to Image Optimizer Tool step 4

  • Download Image.

How use to Image Optimizer Tool step 5

  • Upload & Try a New Image File.

How use to Image Optimizer Tool step 6

This online image resizer is made to solve the problem that many seo professionals face during the optimization of their size. Image badly affects the loading speed of the site that becomes the user's bad experience. This bad experience ultimately affects your audience target, and you lose a huge traffic due to this single but important mistake. This Online Image Optimizer helps you here and provides you images that have low size but excellent quality. These low size images will not affect the speed of your site, and on the other hand, it increases the engage audience.