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About Domain Age Checker

Welcome to domain age checker tool which is proudly designed by SEO Tools Centre. Domain age is one of the most important factors to determine the rank of a website because It tells us how much website is old and how much its reliability and experience. Another the most important thing about an old domain is that it is easy to boost their credibility. Search engines like and prefer the website with more age.

Why SEO Tools Centre Domain Age Checker?

Search engines give more credibility to most experienced and old websites and index their web pages faster than the newer one. Domains having age more than a year attract more users and confidence to their website. We can say that Search engines respect old aged domains and domain age matters for ranking because new websites receive only new visitors while the old websites receive old and returning visitors also. So, keep the domain age in your mind while starting your online business.

SEO Tools Centre Domain Age Checker

Our domain age checking tool helps you to explore the domain age of any website and the domain hosting analyzer to check the web hosting of any website. This tool quickly tells you, when the domain was created, updated and when it will expire. Domain age analyzing tool offered by SEO Tools Centre is an instant, fast and easy to use for everyone. 

How to check the age of any website/domain?

To use our website/domain age analyzing tool simply type your domain name in the box and click on the "Get Domain Age" button. Within a few seconds, your domain age with further information will be displayed. To analyze another domain or reanalyze simply click on the "Try New Domain" button.

How to use SEOToolsCentre's Domain Age Checker?

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