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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Welcome to code to Text Ratio Checker tool proudly designed and offer by SEO Tools Centre. Code to text ratio checker tool analyze and display the exact text on the webpage and compare it to with the HTML codes on that web page. This most efficient tool is mainly used by the search engine to calculate relevancy of a website

The higher percentage of code to text ratio have more chance to obtain/achieve the betting ranking in search results. Every search engine doesn’t count code to text ratio but some do.  So, keep in mind that higher ratio of text to code can help to obtain the higher ranking in search results and also to beat up your competitors.  


How to use Code to text ratio checker tool by SEO Tools Centre?

To use code to text tool simply type/enter your website URL and click on the submit button. Your website text and HTML codes ratio result will be displayed with page size, text size, HTML size and the percentage of text and HTML which is the exact percentage of your website.