What Happened to SEO Centro? [Ultimate Guide]

What Happened to SEO Centro? According to the SEO Tools Centre If you have just started off with SEO as a beginner, you are going to need a few tools to get started. You are going to need tools similar to SEO Centro’s keywords rank checkerKeywords density checkerMeta Tags Analyzer, SEO analyzer and similar software solutions to give yourself a head start.

There are a lot of SEO services sites that are offering all these tools for free. You can check out these sites to use all the basic SEO tools via their web interface. You don’t need to buy the tools or install them on your PC, you can visit these free SEO tools sites to get your hands on all the basic tools needed to get started with your SEO journey.

Out of all the free tools sites, SEO Centre is a name that stands out because of the exceptional services that it had to offer. Let’s see what this platform was all about and what happened to SEO Centro, right now the SEO Centro is deindexed from Google.

What is SEO Centro?

SEO Centro offered a huge collection of free tools for its users. This free tool website also had paid services that you could buy after purchasing the monthly subscription, but the free tools are what made this site famous among the users.

Although this site offered a plethora of free tools usage services, there was a limit to how many times you could use a tool here. For example, you could check the rank of your website for a certain keyword on Google using the rank checker tool of SEO Centro. But you could only use the services 6 times a day for free. If you wanted to use it for more than that, you’d had to buy the subscription.

All in all, the tool was free to use, and the interface was quite simple and fairly self-explanatory. Even their monthly fees were not so much.

Why is SEO Centro Not Working?

As of now, SEO Centro is not available anymore. This website stopped providing its free tools services a few months back and is currently not active. The reason for the website being shut down is still unclear.

Although it is expected that the website shut down because their tools started giving miscalculated results. Also, the ads on the site had become too much and they even reduced the number of scans i.e. use of the tools to just 3 times a day. So, people naturally started looking for other platforms and therefore, they had t shut down the website.

There are a lot of similar services like SEO Tools Centre that you can try out for a huge collection of free SEO tools online including sentence rewriter, essay rewriter, plagiarism remover and multiple pdf tools.

Since SEO Centro is not there anymore on google as the Reddit SEO community discussed it, you have no other choice but to look for the best alternatives for it. And since there are a huge number of paid as well as free similar services out there, you can find the one that works the best for you. Check out the top-rated free tools sites to use your favorite tools for free.