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Are Free Plagiarism Checker tools Reliable and worth to use? (A Review)

Are Free Plagiarism Checker tools Reliable and worth to use? SEO Tools Centre Team research shows that the plagiarism Checker is software that is designed specifically to detect the originality of the article. It is used to check that is the provided work that is being published on the internet is original or have something (copied) that is present in the already published article.  The plagiarism detector is always necessary to use to find the copied material.

It prevents someone from mistakenly copy the work of someone else. Sometimes when a freelancer or student writes an article to publish it on the internet is mistakenly writes something that is closely related to the article available on the Internet due to which the work is that student or freelancer is not considered as original. Plagiarism detector is used to overcome this mistake, so that, work is accepted as original. Checking his work through this software enables the individual to rephrase his work so that, it cannot relate to another article.

Are Free Plagiarism Checker tools Reliable and Really worth to use?

Yes! Using this free tool is as much reliable as the use of the purchased one. The main thing that needs to be noted is that the free plagiarism remover tool is offered by the same company which provided the purchased one. The key difference between both of the software is the amount of capacity of the tool to check the duplicate contents. You can check less amount of material at one time in the free version and more in the purchased version.

In the free version of the provided software, you get the size limit of the work to be checked, and maybe you have to face a particular wait time to check another article. This thing does not make any tool unreliable and unworthy to use. It can create some problems for those people who want to check work in bulk, but due to size and time limitations, they can do so. Therefore they go for the purchased version.

When you have a lot of articles to check, then you go for the purchased version which allows you to work with ease. Websites that offered the free version of the plagiarism detector software also introduced the purchased version only for one purpose that people who need to do bulk work can do it frequently and to make them able to check large writing files at one time.

There is Miss Concept that the free version is less reliable than the purchased one, but the fact is there is nothing like this. You are using the same software with the same features whether it is free or pay for the subscription. The only difference in them is the capacity to check the work.

You are using a purchased version or a free version of the software there is no difference between the quality of the software and no objection to its reliability. The SEO tools plagiarism checker will detect the copied content that you may write mistakenly and give you an opportunity to rephrase your article to make it unique.

How To Write Article Fast Without Plagiarizing? Quick-Start

The main reason I have heard for many time is that not composing blog articles is because “I don’t have much time for this.” But the reality is that you can write an article without getting plagiarized and adequate research only for contents, but it not run longer with your subscribers. Presently, I am same as the most of the Internet advertisers.

Once in a while, I simply fear to get on the PC and starting work. My business is such that when I sit on a computer, it took my 5 to 6 hours a day in a week and sometimes I also left the content for some other day but soon I understand that doing so cost my business a lot.

I soon started to lose my readership base. To manage that issue, I considered devoting only 15 minutes a day to making online article and writing contents for my blog. Only 15 minutes a day sometimes times it goes up to 45 minutes or more.

To beat hesitation, you have to make your writing content ability as a habit which you do on a daily basis, such as brushing your teeth or going out for a keep running in the morning. I now burn through 15 – 20 minutes on my substance creation as a significant aspect of my wake-up routine, without come up short, and now it has turned into a day-by-day routine.

Writing an Article in Just 15 Minutes

On the off chance that you have good writing speed, you have the capacity to write a 750-word article in 5 minutes, but this does not matter here. You need to write an article with “quality content.”

For example, You want to create engaging Facebook posts that will drive traffic to your website, but you are not sure how. Your Facebook page is not getting as many likes and shares as you would like.

Use Adobe’s Facebook post template to create engaging content for your Facebook page. This template helps you create a great post that will drive traffic to your website.

For this you need to prepare yourself by searching the keyword correctly, you are going to use and the keyword your competitor used in his content.

After completion of the today’s article does research about the keyword on which you are going to write tomorrow. Everything will be fresh in your brain from the article you just write. You may find the article related to each other and may write the next one in a better way. But you may find an entirely new project.

Get the more keyword suggestion from the Google about your topic to use it as the main keyword. At that point open up the top positioning news, substance, recordings and pictures for the keyword and utilize that for the subject of your next article. You can likewise use Twitter and Facebook to look for the tags that are identified with your contents.

Doing this will give you a birds-eye perspective of the contents that are accessible online for the keywords you are looking. Use of hashtags makes you able to locate the most shared and read articles on Facebook and Twitter. Copy the title of the articles and the essential highlights of the article’s body.

You can select the best pictures that are accessible for your article. Assemble all the data that you have collected from different sources into a new word document. What you have now is the skeleton of a fantastic article. Another, the online paraphrase tool is a good option for 

Write your article from your client point of view

If the article of your competitor is showing on top of the search that means he did a good research while writing that article due to which it is ranking on top. Still, You can make a far and away superior article by reading the comments bar of that articles of your competitors, and start to see the mentality of their readers. Find out what the readers need to know. As far as for news blog, people comment about their views in the comment box about the situation described in the news article.

So, write about and according to the people views. Write what people think about the situation. You can also go through the Facebook and can write the most liked comments into your blog post. Always keep in mind that don’t cross the limits of using same keywords many times and every time must analyzer your handwritten the article using article density checker to avoid keyword stuffing and over optimization.


This is all you need to do to write good quality contents in just 15 minutes. Just remember to take care the views of your readers and write according to them. Just analyze the public opinion and write what they love to read.

How To Use Quotation, Rephrasing and Summarizing Into Your Writing

Quoting, Article Paraphrasing and Summarizing are only the three ways through which you can use someone writing work into your work. You can be asked to use these entire three skills in your writing during a writing class. This is a crucial part of any paper that you and your instructor want to see you as a master.

Today, I am going to discuss these three skills and tell you how to use them properly and will share many more tips through which you increase the content quality of your article.
For starting lets me tell you the differences between Quoting, Rephrasing and summarizing.

Different Between Quoting, Rephrasing and Summarizing.

Utilizing the quotation is the most widely recognized approach to adding research into your paper. Quotations must have similarities to the original, use a narrow source for this purpose. They should match with the word of origin for word and should be credited to the primary author.

Rephrasing, then again, includes writing from source material into your particular words. Likewise, rephrased material is typically shorter than the original one, taking it to some degree more extended portion of the source and condensing it marginally.

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Summarizing includes putting the fundamental idea of the written article into your particular words, including just the theme or main points. Giving reference or attribution is also important at this stage. Summaries are necessarily shorter than the first and have an extensive review of the source.

Now the question is why we should use all these three skills in our writing?

We should do this because quoting, rephrasing, summarizing serve us for many purposes. They can be utilized for

  • Provide support for your claims or add validity to your article
  • can help in explaining your point of view by using them as examples
  • Can give a strong reason why you like or dislike a particular claim
  • Expand the authority of your article.

Knowing about these three terms is not the whole thing, we should also have the knowledge that how we can use them properly to make our writing more compelling.

To begin with, you need to read the whole original content, noticing the key points and initial thoughts. At that point, write in your particular words with the principal idea of the writing. Paraphrases are important focuses that come up in the article. You should also have to consider any words, expressions, or short sections that you think it should be quoted.
Never write quotes directly into the middle of the paragraph instead start it from the given words that will increase the credibility of your contents. Initiate the quotation with:

  • According to…
  • As the writer says.

After each quote, justify its importance or attach it back to your theory. This means that never end a section with a quote due the fact that your point will appear after that quoted material.
Some more tips:

  • There are a few approaches to coordinate quotations into your content.
  • Often, a short citation functions well when incorporated into a sentence.

These tips will help you to use research into your papers successfully.

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