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Convert your CHM files to PDF online for free using our free CHM to PDF Converter.

What is a CHM to PDF Converter?

CHM is the Microsoft Compiled HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Help format which consists of HTML pages along with an index and some navigation tools. These files are mostly used as software manuals.

If you have a CHM file and you want to convert it to PDF, you can use our CHM to PDF Converter tool.

Chm to pdf converter

This tool helps you convert HTML CHM files to PDF format which is operating system independent. Converting CHM to PDF files is recommended because you can’t open CHM files on all operating systems unless an operating file opening software is installed on it. The HTML to PDF converter works the same way as well.

On the other hand, you can open PDF files on any OS that you want. Most desktop and mobile operating systems support PDF files by default.

Convert Your CHM to PDF Online for Free

CHM files are compressed and deployed in the form of binary format with the CHM extension. The primary usage of this file format is for writing software documentation.

You need appropriate software to compile, edit, or even open these files from Microsoft. This is where an online CHM to PDF Converter proves to be valuable as it helps eliminate the access restrictions for a CHM file by converting it to a PDF document.

Our CHM HTML file to PDF Converter is a free online tool that you can use without paying anything at all. This tool doesn’t require any kind of registration or creating an account for converting CHM to PDF. The URL to PDF converter works in almost the same way.

How to Use the CHM to PDF Converter?

Here is how you can use our CHM to PDF converter:

How to convert chm to pdf online step 1

  • Upload your CHM file in the tool.

How to convert chm to pdf online step 2

  • Click Convert to convert to PDF.

How to convert chm to pdf online step 3

  • Download the converted PDF document format file on your PC.

How to convert chm to pdf online step 4

  • Start over to convert more CHM files to pdf for free.

How to convert chm file to pdf online step 5

SEO Tools Centre’s CHM to PDF Converter Features

100% Free Conversion

The CHM Page to PDF Converter offers you all its services for free like the Text to Image Generator, without any charges. Whether you want to convert one or more CHM files, you can do it all with this tool for free.

And to make things even simpler, you won’t even need to create an account on our website for the CHM to PDF Conversion. Unlike most free services, our tool is free from any such hassle. Also, if you want to get the source code of a webpage, we have a free tool for that as well.

Fast Processing

The processing speed of the CHM HTML to PDF Converter is one of a kind. We have optimized this tool down to every little code element to ensure that it works at its best for you throughout the day.

You can do multiple conversions with this tool, and it will still work fine for you, without any kind of issues. This is one of the reasons why our CHM to PDF converter stands out.

Download PDF File Instantly

Once the conversion is completed, you’d be able to download the PDF file, without any kind of delays. This will help you get access to the CHM data in PDF format, without wasting any time. Also, you can check our Code to Text Ratio Checker which also works in the same way.

We wanted to make this tool as simple and as effective as possible. That is why we have tried to create an interactive user experience with the UI elements that you see on the tool.

Engaging UI Design

The UI design of the CHM to PDF Converter is made in accordance with the latest and recommended UI design standards. We designed this tool keeping in mind the experience of a complete beginner. The HTML Compressor also has an engaging UI design.

This has allowed us to create an easy-to-use tool that anyone can use, without wasting a lot of time. Also, we are working to update the tool to ensure that it keeps working for you without any problems. 

Safe & Secure

We don’t compromise on the security of user data. We have used the latest security standards while designing this tool to ensure that the users can have a safe and secure experience with our tool. The HTML Editor Online by SEO Tools Center is also safe and secure.

Unlike most free online tools, you won’t have to worry about the safety and privacy risks with our CHM to PDF converter.

SEOToolsCentre’s CHM to PDF Converter FAQs

How to Convert CHM to PDF in Windows 11/10?

You can use one of the mainstream web browsers on your Windows 10 or 11 to access the CHM to PDF file converter by SEO Tools Center. You can use the tool to do the conversion from HTML code to PDF, without any hassle.

How do I convert a CHM file to PDF?

You can use our online CHM to PDF converter to convert your CHM file to PDF for free. The conversion process from CHM to PDF is quite simple and easy with our tool. Also, you can convert any web page that you want, in a short amount of time.

What is a CHM file?

A CHM file is a Microsoft Developed Compiled HTML Help file format that is primarily used to create software manuals and documentation.

How do I open a CHM file in Windows 10?

Here is how you can open a CHM file in Windows 10:

  • Locate the file in your storage.
  • Right-click on the file and click the Option “Open With”.
  • Choose your preferred web browser from the given list of software.
  • The CHM file will open in your Windows 10.

Which is the best software to convert CHM files to PDF?

If you are looking for the best software to convert CHM files to PDF, then you should check the CHM to PDF converter tool by SEO Tools Centre.