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About www Redirect Checker

Redirect or URL redirection is way too send different URLs to the users and the search engines from the one or same source from which they are requested.

It is now commonly used by the webmaster to convert one URL into Other. 301, 302 and Meta Refresh Redirects are often used.


What is www Redirect Checker Tool?

WWW Redirect Checker tool is the most advanced tool, which will help you to understand that is your site redirection is search engines friendly or not.

The wrong redirects can still misguide search engines. Therefore, it is necessary for the webmaster to check their redirects and make them search engine friendly otherwise they can face a penalty from the search engines.

You can also come to know about the techniques to count the clicks on external site by using this tool.

It is the most authentic and user-friendly tool you ever find to redirect your site. It will give precise answers to your questions and can easily find the all three types of redirection.

This tool is available for the HTML links.


Why use this tool?

Followings are some reasons behind using this tool.

  • It is very necessary to get the site www redirect information because many webmasters lose their lot of traffic due to incorrect redirect.

  • To make sure that you have search engines friendly redirects that do not confuse the search engines. By this search engines recognize your site and show you up in the search.

  • This tool is provided by the SEO Tools Centre which is the largest SEO station that provides a lot free online SEO Tools.

  • It is very easy to use this tool and gives results in no time.


How does this tool work?

When you enter the URL of the site into www redirect checker tool to check the redirect of it, it will analyze the site and check the number of different URLs of the home page.

After this, it reports back on the response code. For a proper redirect or safe page, only 200 responses should be reported back to one page. Any another thing has the potential to cause duplicate content problems.


How to use this tool offered by the SEO Tools Centre?

SEO Tools Centre is the one that provided this tool in advanced mode. It provides different online SEO Tools for free to its customers or users so that they can do SEO for their site without any problem.

To use this www redirect checker tool just enter the complete URL to check is it search engines friendly or not and click on the Submit Button. It will automatically redirect to your blog or website.

If your redirect is safe, then this tool will automatically notify you by updating status as Good. This www redirect checker also tells you by saying Bad if your redirect in not well or not search engine friendly.


Note: If you want to find any error in URL redirection then you can fix the redirection issue just by updating the Htaccess file. Generate the Htaccess file using Htaccess redirect generator tool and update in your Htaccess file.