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How To Paraphrase/Summarize An Article Without Plagiarizing?

02/10/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo, writing

How to summarize an article without getting plagiarized

Do you know the ways to rephrase your written work and summarize your substance? In scholarly written work, summarizing and rephrasing are exceptionally fundamental skills. With dominant part of school composing articles outfitted towards demonstrating a point, you will probably need to rely on a significant amount of source material to successfully contend your case.


First! A brief introduction to refresh your knowledge:

Summarizing is about diminishing a material down to its most essential focuses, regularly bringing it down to approximately a third or less of the first source.

Article Rephrasing or rewording is about rehashing an entry in your words, frequently as another option to utilizing an immediate citation.

On account of your college project, you will utilize both strategies to coordinate, confirmation from the past composting into your work. In case you're attempting to assemble either sort, following information may help you out.


Article Summarizing:

  • Check the content.
  • Find and highlight the primary points. The best way to do this is to focus on the headline of each paragraph.
  • Rewrite the material in your words utilizing the fundamental points you discovered, putting aside proof and examples.


Rephrasing or Rewording:

  • First review the source content you are going to rephrase.
  • Write it into your particular words.
  • Utilize verbs and expressions to show attribution.
  • Put different thoughts and creator-driven expressions in quotes.


Conclusion: Like various parts of your articles, rewording and summarizing are best finished with the help of good writing software. While the views you will express in them aren't unique, the words you will utilize are, and they'll be best presented with a measurement of clean from such a tool.   

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